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(This is a dead topic, Please do not edit this page!)

Having just gone through a couple (of quite a few) pages that needed video cleanup, I've found a number of things I'd like to recommend:

Elinks-video template
95% of the video linked to from wowwiki is Youtube hosted. We can cut down on the unnecessary detail needed to create such a link by quite a lot.
Video description template
In place of simply using the <youtube> tags, I'd like a template that provides (a) a frame around the video, and (b) provides a way to describe the author and variety of the video.
The videos I've seen so far can be characterized as one of:
  • embedded text guide
  • narrated guide
  • example fight
  • art
The templates I've requested above would do well with a "video type" parameter of some sort. "Other" is always an option, sure. As well, providing categories makes it easier to compare videos for triage, and displaying those categories for the video makes it easier to find a video useful to you.
Video limit
We've a template, {{Cleanup Video}} for pages with large numbers of videos. I think that somewhere we've put down a guideline of 4 videos displayed "full frame" for basic strategy, 1 additional one for other modes (heroic, # players). Reasonable exceptions can be made for describing, say, alternate Heroic strategies, or if the extra videos are clearly useful even given the other ones described.
Links are cheap, and within reason, additional videos can be displayed there.
"Video limit description"
On the two pages I've done video triage on (Lady Deathwhisper, and Onyxia (tactics)), I've added the following to the javascript/html comments:
Any new videos displayed full frame must displace an existing full-frame video, and be able to justify displacing the old one. Displaced video can be placed in the video links section. New videos can be added to the links section with much more leniency.
If someone wants to come up with alternative text, or alternative policy, or whatever, I'm okay with that. But leaving no notice whatever invites video additions without limit, meaning someone would have to go in later and do triage again.
What I wrote is appropriate to pages already video-saturated, not so much to pages still needing videos. Use your own judgment.

I'm new to video triage, and if folks want to go back over those two pages and swap things out, or swizzle things around, feel free. Comments, please? Arguments, anyone? --Eirik Ratcatcher (talk) 22:35, March 26, 2010 (UTC)

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