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Hello fellow WoWahollics

Realm Of Odin is an late night raiding guild, designed by and for the people who have real life obligations and responsibilities, thus preventing them from raiding at earlier evening hours. At the same time, we are well known for our beliefs that this game isn`t designed to be an rocket science, but the normal hobbie for ordinary people. Now, one can say that the fast reflexes, deep knowledge about all classes in game and a mobile toillete used by a dedicated raider who doesn`t want to move away from his/hers PC are good things that can amplify your game enjoyment, and no doubt, we agree. If the last sentence didn`t bring smile on your face, but the burning wish to tell me how leet you are, and how noobish this text is going to become, do yourself a favor and read no further, we are pretty sure Desolace isn`t a place for you. However, if you found yourself enough interested in so far, keep reading, this might be the answer for your questions.

Realm Of Odin is raiding Cataclysm 10 men raiding content 5 times a week, starting from 22:00 server time, and finishing at 01:00 server time as well. We are actually lucky combination of some players from the weird -2 GMT zone (those are the ones who can see the polar bears out of the windows of their bedrooms), and some players who`ll never see polar bears, but have their little polar bears in their houses, making them impossible to raid earlier. As such, we are looking for the players who can fulfill following requirements :

- You are aware of your role in the raids, and you know how to make the things go round - You consider yourself a person who wouldn`t even think of applying to the raiding guild without getting your gear gemmed, enchanted, and of course, properly itemised - You have either done the current raiding encounters, or possess knowledge about them, thus making the questions like “Magmatron ? Who the hell is Magmatron ?” irrelevant – actually, you would be surprised how many people in this game even doesn`t want to read few articles about boss fights they will encounter that very evening, so surprise us, you don`t need to have the achievment, but you still need to perform on the acceptable level. - You know that the fire under your feet IS not the good things, thus you move out of it asap. Same goes for the green goo  - In one word :

Our current progress is 10/12, and we are hopeing we`ll finish normal content very soon, starting to work slowly towards HC bosses. For the moment being, we are in dire need for one resto shaman, one fury warrior, one balance druid and one DPS deathknight + Destruction Warlock. This, however, doesn`t mean that if you play other classes and consider yourself a nice aset to our guild, you don`t need to come to us and play with us. Au contrary, we cherish good players and nice persons above everything else, so please do not hesitate to contact us on our beloved Twisting Nether server, in game or on our forums . You can ask for Xtremez, our beloved GM, Sprelli, his right hand, or Ommadawn, his left hand – we will be happy to answer any additional questions you might have.

Stay cool and enjoy the game, hopeing to seeing you soon in the wonderful world of Azeroth,

Sincerelly yours,

Realm Of Odin's Management Team

--Odie1ne (talk) 21:12, May 29, 2011 (UTC)

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