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Sporeggar... the lowest populated server in the EU, and possibly one of the lowest in the world.

Over the last 2 years I've seen friends move to different realms, and in the last 2 weeks, two of the top Alliance guilds on the server have moved to Defias Brotherhood, it's upsetting to see friends move away, but we try to carry on...

We..: we are Argent Conquest, currently the only 60 Guild based on Sporeggar, we're on the Alliance side, and have recently had many, about 4 - 5, members come back from inactivity.

So, on 8/6/12, several, 6, members this including myself and the guild master, had a Guild meeting on the matter of what to do with Argent Conquest, were we to move to a new realm, as we need support to raid etc. Then our guild master told us about "Project Ahn'Qiraj" were a group of 60s tried to create a large 60 guild on the server Ahn'Qiraj and invited 60s from Cross other realms to join them in a big Meeting.

We are going to copy them, but we shall do one better, we propose to turn Sporeggar into the Vanilla Realm, that every 60 is dying for. And we won't stop till we succeed, don't think, that we'll get bored and pass this off, this is real and going to happen!

Blizzard have reported that they have no plans to create a Vanilla Realm, where the top level is 60 etc.

We can't make a top level on Sporeggar, but what we can do is bring in an overpowering amount of 60s to the realm, Not just in alliance however.

If Horde is more your style, we would love you to join Sporeggar, in creating the First 60 Horde Guild on the Realm, and bring World Player vs. Player (WPVP) to Sporeggar, 60 STYLE!

The Date for the meeting to yet to be announced, but stay tuned and we will have more information.

Tell Friends about this, and look for us on Sporeggar, this is going all round the EU, and it's not just me that's Posting.

Copy and Paste this to other Forums. WE ARE MAKING A VANILLA REALM!

A DATE FOR THE MEETING ON SPOREGGAR HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED AS: 8/8/12 (PLEASE CHECK OTHER FORUMS FOR MORE REGULAR UPDATES.) <--- This Will Take You To Our MAIN Forum Post on the WoW General Forums. Thank You and Hope to Hear from you Soon!

--TitanAC (talk) 00:28, June 9, 2012 (UTC)

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