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i guess many people here played Reign of Chaos. Ner'zhul, the Lich King wanted Archimonde lose the war so he can break the legion's control. I recently just found a hidden conspiracy of him.

Tyrande is a...heroine let's say. She was a very faithful believer of Elune, and a good ruler of the nighelves. I believe that's the reason she was so angry on human and orcs, she thought they were responsible for Elune's son, Cenarius's death. But during the nightelf campaign, to free Illidan, she killed some watchers, a few owlbeasts-Elune's creation, and Califax, a keeper of the grove-son of Cenarius. Will a faithful priestess kill her goddess' children, especially just a few hours after she said "They are mongrels and nothing more! They are responsible for Cenarius's death! I will be damned before I stand with them." to human and orcs? She was so sad on Cenarius's death and then she killed Cenarius's son? That's just...very strange. Before or after this campaign, she never harmed any of her own kind or Elune's creation. She loves Illidan? I don't think she loved him so much, could kill Elune's children just for him, based on the background introduction and her interaction with Illidan. Illidan was a powerful individual, he could help in the war against Archimonde, but not as important as the army lead by Thrall and Jaina, especially before he consumed the skull. We can't say kill the watchers to free Iliidan was right or wrong, but it's just very unusal and strange, based on Tyrande's personality.

She was saying "Goddess grants Furion was wrong." But WAS THERE ANY REASON FOR Elune to free Illidan, who wasn't so faithful to her, with the price of her creation and children's death? People, will you even allow anyone to kill your own children? Ok, Even if there was, she could easily tell those owlbeasts and Califax, avoid conflict and death. The owlbeast even told Tyrande:Even your goddess has condemned the one you seek to free!

Shortly(I remember it's in the same day?) after Illidan was released, Lich King sent Arthas to lure him. Arthas said "He knows that you've sought power your whole life." These words, the fight between them, the skull of Gul'dan, we can see it's well planned, the Lich King knew Illidan very well, a plan that was "made for" Illidan. It couldn't be made in just one day. There is another question, freeing Illidan was Tyrande's simply idea when she came across the doorway and knew Illidan's prison was there. Lich King, the master of manipulation, made such a plan based on someone who just got free by...let's say, the priestess's unusual action? How did he know Tyrande would strangely go crazy, killed her goddess's children to free Illidan?

I guess the truth is very clear: The Lich King watched Illidan for a long period of time, just like he watched Kel'thuzad and Arthas before. He affected Tyrande's will, let her go "crazy(based on her faith and personality)", used her to free Illian.

Why was Illidan so important since the Lich King had no plan for him to join the Scourge? We can find the brief answer easily in the campaign. Arthas told Illidan about the skull the dreadlord's leader: Tichondrius was there. The Lich King knew he would consume the skull, and use its power to kill Tichondrius.

Tichondrius was the strongest dreadlord, Archimonde's most powerful lieutenant. But that's not the most important point. The most important point is: He's the commander of the Scourge army at that time. So kill him would definently weak the legion's control over the Scourge army. The Lich King would have chance to break in...

During the final Battle of Hyjal, the Scourge army was under dreadlord Anetheron and the LICH( :o ), Rage Winterchill's command. Rage's quotes showed loyalty to the legion, but REALLY? Most of the Scourge liches were very loyal to the Lich King. Now the Lich King was able to control some of Archimonde's army. What would he do? It's pretty simple: make sure Archimonde's army wouldn't be able to fullfill the demon's goal.

So that's Lich King's grand design

First Set up the whole "play", pick all the "actors", especially Illidan. Second Affect Tyrande's will to free him. Third Send Arthas, lure out Illidan's desire. Fourth Let Illidan play his role, consume the skull and kill Tichondrius. Fifth Now the legion's control was weaker, let his lich Rage Winterchill gain control of the Scourge army. Sixth Let these Scourge forces slow the whole army's step without let Archimonde know, make sure Archimonde won't be able to get there before Furion's ritual was completed. Seventh With the downfall of the legion, the Lich King could completely break from their control, the Scourge became a independet faction. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by SLOWPOKE (talkcontr).

Ummm, this sounds like fan fiction rather then lore... I don't think Ner'zhul would do all that with Illidan and just leave him to almost screw up everything by destroying the Frozen Throne and preventing Arthas from reaching him in time. Personally i think if anything, Ner'zhul felt the release of Illidan, an already powerful being and conflicted mind in his own right and decided to just nudge the hand of fate. The fact Illidan would claim the skull of Gul'dan, Ner'zhul's apprentice and greatest rival would have just been delicious irony for him. I think Tyrande was more consumed by centuries of living alone and defending Ashenvale. When she realized the one threat which almost destroyed Azeroth last time was back, all that pent up frustration manifested itself in her desire to "defeat the legion" Malfurion was just more level headed, having floated around in the Emerald Dream for ages :P Pokeball Max Krist (talk contribs) 09:37, January 4, 2010 (UTC)

Ner'zul knew the legion's plan, he needs to make sure they fail. For Illidan's action in Frozen Throne, it's a new plan of the legion after their downfall, nobody know that yet at that time, even its creator. Well, if Tyrande thought they should defeat the legion at all costs, why did she refuse to make ally with human and orcs since they can gave huge help than Illidan? She even killed Cenarius's children to free him.

—The preceding unsigned comment was added by SLOWPOKE (talkcontr).

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