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(This is a dead topic, Please do not edit this page!)

Feral DPS Raiding Guide Input

Planning on writing up and posting a Feral DPS Raiding Guide wiki page in the next few weeks. Please post here or email me your input for exactly what to call the new page and what you want included. You can also catch me at [1]

Why a new page when the old ones need editing and clean-up?

  • This will be a rather huge undertaking involving a few of the most knowledgeable feral dps players out there.
  • It's a VERY specific subject requiring specialized knowledge that is currently described in about a paragraph on the Druid PVE page.
  • The Feral Tactics page is a nice, generalized overall view of how to use forms and whatnot, but doesn't really teach a raiding feral how to do their job well in a high-pressure, dynamic environment. This is not about pvp, or tanking - only about feral dps - which is a very specialized role, only 1 of 7 of the roles a druid can fill (moonkin pvp/pve, resto pvp/pve, tank pve, feral pvp, feral dps pve).
  • The title needs to have the words Feral Dps (to distinguish it from feral tank) and probably one or both of Raid and/or Guide in it (or equivalent) in order to accurately describe it. Feral Druid Dps PVE Raiding Guide? - Too long. Feral Dps Guide? Feral Dps Raiding? Feral PVE Dps? If the page is about stuff that walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and swims like a duck - then it needs to be called

Why Wow Wiki when there's already guides in a LOT of other places?

  • That would be the point - no more looking at differences between two guides at EJ, one at Tankspot, MMOC, StratFU, videos and whatever. Wow wiki is already a respected place where people go to find info.
  • Multiple users can update it long after I'm no longer playing the game.
  • Once it's posted here there's no longer any need for players to search for blog posts and EJ/other forum posts that depend on ONE person keeping track of massive numbers of different developments in different subject areas.

What I don't want to have happen:

  • Someone not familiar with the content to arbitrarily decide to rename the page without consulting with others who have worked hard on the page. If you're going to do something like that you need to explain yourself first in the discussion page.
  • Flame wars of people claiming their way of feral raiding/gearing is the only way. - Avoided by having multiple headers on different ways to accomplish the same goal. Adding a "Criticism of (issue X)" header after controversial topics like Rawr should help.
  • People deleting content that is still relevant - pretty sure there's already ways to deal with this, though I don't see an easy conflict resolution mechanism.

How does this fit into the rest of the Druid class wiki system?

  • It's such a specialized undertaking that only speaks to 1/7th of druids (ok, a bit more, but you get the point) that it doesn't really fit into the neat class-based matrix you see on the class pages. It's also hugely popular judging by the amount of theorycrafting/discussion that goes on about it.

Who the heck are you to decide all this?

  • I'm the guy with the specialized knowledge and the writing skills to put it all together - and I've already done this once already in video format. I'm also in contact with top feral community people like Allev, Astrylian (founder of Rawr), Tun of Ensidia, Kalon (ThinkTank), Vallen (Feral Aggression) and Alaron (TheFluidDruid) who know much more about this than I do. It'll be a ____ to get their input but I can get the ball rolling at least.
  • I do however not have the skills to make perfect-looking wiki pages, or even how to put up a vote for what to call the page so we don't run into admins renaming-at-will.

Well this seems to nicely fit into the Feral Tactics page!

  • Er, no. Feral tactics comprise at a minimum three separate broad spec categories (pve dps, pve tank, pvp) with EXTREMELY different playstyles and skills required, with different UI and group/raid considerations. A truly authoritative look at all 3 categories would require multiple pages on each. On the plus side the spec portion of the guide can just be a link to the existing feral druid spec page, and there's definitely more possibilities in including more in-wiki links.

--Parl2001 (talk) 14:55, December 21, 2009 (UTC)

Feral DPS Reference? Parl2001 (talk) 04:40, December 23, 2009 (UTC)

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