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Description My Dream, My dream in the 5th expansion name is "World of Warcraft Rise of the Dragonflights" The main antagonist in here and the very last boss is Galakrond the father of the dragons bigger than off his last appearance, that is once ressurected by burning legion to once again dominate the world. And the World tree nodrassil uprooted and now walks the Azeroth to once again the defend it from the burning legion.

Suggested new races Murloc- once lurk the depths of Azeroth. A fishy creature.(Naga) Tuskarr- A Tribe of Humanoid walrus in northrend.(neutral)

Suggested New Sides( they're different from alliance and the horde) Naga The Burning Legion

The World tree returns after a century of healing the nodrassil is uprooted to fight this rising evil. (uprooted like the ancient protector but much larger and more health)

LVL CAP expanded to 105

--Jojokla21 (talk) 06:42, April 28, 2013 (UTC)jojokla21

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