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Im playing my main witch is a rogue and i need a macro

I need a macro that uses killing spree and blade flurry (cast blade flurry then killing spree)

But heres the tough part i have the killing spree Glyph soo killing spree is 1.25 min cooldown and blade flurry 2m

Now i need the macro to cast blade flurry first then cast killing spree after that i need it to reset to killing spree that away i can hit it do my killing spree normally but have it cast blade flurry when it is up anyone have any ideas? —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Lordnicolias (talkcontr).

A) Your question really belongs on the WoW Class forums, but the short answer is, you dont really want that macro,as it makes no sense to combine those 2 abilities, it wastes the Blade flurry(BF)during the time of the Kill Spree. Blade flurry is better combined with Adrenaline Rush,too have BF and KS combined is useless, for PvE or PvP, the time casting the KS is wasting the uptime on the BF. Keybind them to seperate keys and move on. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by WoWMadness (talkcontr).

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