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I have just finished posting the templates for the new page i so wished that was on wowwiki or any side for that matter when i started leveling my pally. What i whated was a page which told me the main spells i whold be using so i was able to plan where i was going to place all my spells head of time so i did not need to relearn the key bindings.

So i started hotkeys as the index to it which i am hoping in the long run when they are all done can be added into the class table (i dont what to play with that intill i get them all done).

I started off by planning to make a page for each class but droped that idear and planning on making a page per class (already done) and just hiding the specs intill you click on them (to save loading time on slow internet computers) (i need help on that).

But the main point of this topic is to let it be know i need help with the other 30 class combows i dont know. All i have palyed to 80 so far is a shamie mainly resto. I do also a bit of ele but i no where near happy to do that spec as i dont play it much. So if you dont mine please pop over to Hotkeys and full in the class spec you mainly play. I sure we can all get them done faster if you all help me :)

Dont panic to much about the format layout just fill in the tempale i made and i will debug anything that does not work when i seen it's been edited.

Thanks for your time Richwarf (talk) 18:36, January 28, 2010 (UTC)

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