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Hi! I am a WoW Gambler on European servers. Most of the knowledge people have is taken from wow-wiki. Some days ago I created a new thread asking about some special topics on theorycraft, but nobody seems to be exactly knowing. I don't know if this is the right forum category to place it, but you will move it to another if better,

I have done some calculations for my Shaman and compared it to the results in combat, it's a level 13 tauren shaman fighting against Barak Kodobane level 16. Of course are this calculations exaggerated for that level, but is a way to introduce myself to shaman theorycraft for a bigger char. As a consequence of this comparison, I have a lot of questions that couldn't clear reading the wiki.

This is the result of the battle:


I can cause 44 to 58 damage with my staff. The battle log showed 39, 31, 26 and 31. Values between 30 and 40 are acceptable considering a DR of about 20% for Barak. The value 26 may have been blocked or a blowing glance, I didn't notice it. That is my first question: how strong may a blowing glance be? Is it 50% in average? Can it be as strong as a normal hit?


Lightning Bolt Rank 2

The outgoing damage range is between 28 and 33. I have a spell damage bonus of 9, bonus coefficient is 2/3.5, so I expect values between 33 and 38, not considerig Baraks resistance. The values were 35, 33 and 31. The last one is a mistery for me, because it can not arise from resistance. As I understood, resistance may cause a decrease of 25% or multiples of it. The only other explanation I found was penalty (20-Spell_Level_is_learned)*0,375=3, but I thought this would apply only if the caster is over level 20. What is missing here? I read, if the caster is under level 20, WoW treat him as beeing 20, so resistance is reduced. But this shouldn't be the reason for a value that is only 21% lesser, the most.

Flame Shock

Critical Hit = 37 damage. Calacultion gives 150%*(Spell damage + Bonuscoeff*Bonus)=1.5*(23.5+0.112*9) exactly this value. There is no penalty.

Flame Shock Tick

Values: 8, 8, 7 and 6. Calculating with bonus, the result is 8. Ticks may vary? So they are only 7 (tooltips value) in average?

Flametongue Weapon

Values: 14, 12, 13 und 13. This is inside the possible range. So, you see, they vary too.

During another battle I noticed, that ticks can also damage critically and that mob can block even not using a shield.

There is something in the wiki that I couldn't understand. It says, that spells of mob are treated as normal melee, but they can also be resisted. So a character may first block a spell and afterwards resist it by 50%. Is this correct? In the other case, spell damage on mob is calculated only using its resistance. I do not consider any resilience at that level.

Finally, I have a question concerning dual spells that cause instant damage and a debuff. First, the full spell can miss or not. If it doesn't, for instance 75% of the instant damage arrive at the target. In case of the debuff, a separate calculation is done, using the resistance to calculate the probability of the debuff going through. So, instant damage may reach the target but not the debuff and vice versa. Is this correct?

Thanks for help,

SebOeh -> Colocolo in the German WoW Forum

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