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My guild is progressing into Heroic DS. We have downed Morchok and are currently working on Ultraxion gotten him down to about 4%. My question is how I would edit my DBM Ultraxion file to announce in /raidwarning who is staying out (e.g. /raidwarning Hades & Cleo staying out). Looking through the file I've found that there is already a setting to warn you 5s before Hour of Twilight... I have an idea that there's a way to edit it to place the names depending on the count. Something like:

  function stayOut()
     if houroftwilightcount == 0, 3, 6
        specWarnHourofTwilight(Hades & Cleo)
     elseif houroftwilightcount == 1, 4
        specWarnHourofTwilight(Race & Skater)
     elseif hourofTwilightcount == 2, 5
        specWarnHourofTwilight(Ash & Zac)

not sure exactly how I would go about adding/editing that into the DBM Lua file Please help and thank you in advanced

--Jfox316 (talk) 12:55, June 16, 2012 (UTC)

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