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hi guys!

i want to create a frame, and that frame has 2 tabbed buttons with OptionsFrameTabButtonTemplate inheritance with pure LUA

and here is my half code:

local MF = CreateFrame("Frame","MYmainFrame",UIParent);
MF:SetBackdrop({bgFile = "Interface/DialogFrame/UI-DialogBox-Background", 
edgeFile = "Interface/DialogFrame/UI-DialogBox-Border",
tile = true, tileSize = 32, edgeSize = 32, 
insets = { left = 11, right = 12, top = 12, bottom = 11 }});
local MF_titleBG = MF:CreateTexture(nil,"ARTWORK");
MF_titleBG:SetPoint("TOP", MF, 0, 12);
MF.texture = MF_titleBG;
local MF_titleText = MF:CreateFontString(nil, "ARTWORK", "GameFontNormalSmall");
MF_titleText:SetText('The Title');
MF_titleText:SetPoint("TOP", MF, 0, -3);
local Tab_1 = CreateFrame('Button', "$parentTab1", MF, "OptionsFrameTabButtonTemplate");
Tab_1:SetText('tab one');
Tab_1:SetPoint("CENTER", MF, "TOPLEFT", 100, -50);
local Tab_2 = CreateFrame('Button', "$parentTab2", MF, "OptionsFrameTabButtonTemplate");
Tab_2:SetText('tab two');
Tab_2:SetPoint("LEFT", Tab_1, "RIGHT", -16, 0);
MF:Show(); you see i should append the OnLoad event script and of course the content of the 2 tab references and other things but i am a novice and i don't know exactly how to properly do this... at that current state the 2 tabs shown properly but the frames aren't fitted to the text of the tabs... please help me guys at this.

thank you!

--RichardCANE (talk) 14:18, October 30, 2009 (UTC)

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