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I bought the basic WoW game and never thought I would get addicted. Now my toon is up to level 59 and I am trying to decide how to get Burning Crusade.

If I buy the BC expansion it costs $30. I believe this comes with no monthly subscription so I have to pay $15 for the month.

Would it be possible to buy the WoW Battlechest. This only costs $40 and comes with the strategy guides.

- Can I add the BC key code on to my existing account? - Would I be able to use the monthly subscription for this account or would I need to pay extra?

Another option would be to sell the base WoW account code.



The expansions are a one-off payment, and all you need is the key/code to unlock (and install) the new content. They do not change the monthly cost of WoW in any way. You can certainly get the Battlechest if you think it is better value for money: the question is essentially, are the guides worth it, and do you have someone you want to give the extra copy of WoW classic to? Kirkburn  talk  contr 14:39, 8 June 2009 (UTC)

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