Fort Wildervar

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Alliance 32 Fort Wildervar
Fort Wildervar
RacesTemplate:Human Race
Template:Dwarf Race
RulerGil Grisert
AffiliationAlliance Vanguard
LocationNortheastern Howling Fjord [61, 16]
Sources: Wrath of the Lich King

Fort Wildervar is the Alliance's northernmost outpost in Howling Fjord, at the base of Frostblade Peak, north of Caldemere Lake and The Frozen Glade, northwest of Giants' Run and east of Camp Winterhoof.

The Fort is one of the latter quest hubs in the zone for Alliance characters, encountered after wrapping up the Skorn storyline in Westguard Keep.

Travel connections


Alliance 15 Amberpine Lodge
Alliance 15 Valgarde
Alliance 15 Westfall Brigade Encampment
Alliance 15 Westguard Keep

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