Forge of Wills

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The Forge of Wills

The Forge of Wills

The Forge of Wills is a large forge watched over by Sjonnir the Ironshaper within Halls of Stone. It can only be entered after the Tribunal of Ages event has been completed.

It is also the device that is used by Loken to create his army of Iron dwarves. Once the Forge is taken by Brann, although he has some trouble at first and creates troggs and oozes, he uses it to create a new army of earthen to defend Halls of Stone and fight the war against Loken.

The Engine of the Makers and the other titan engines in the Storm Peaks are part of this forge.[1]

Possible Inspiration

Anyone familiar with Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic will instantly notice a resemblance between the Forge of Wills and the Star Forge. Both are ancient factories that enemy factions use to manufacture large amounts of troops, and both forges work much the same way (by generating troops as Brann does when he summons troggs and oozes). They also resemble one another in terms of architecture. The Main part of the forge bears a striking resemblance to the holo-deck where the second to last fight in the game takes place. It is possible, then, that the idea for the Forge of Wills rests in the Star Forge.


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