Forge Camps Edit

Forge Camp- Wrath

Forge Camp: Wrath

Forge Camps are the places used by the Burning Legion for the construction of its mechanical units such as Fel Reavers. They are populated by some form of Gan'arg engineer and Mo'arg forgefiend, and often overseen by a more powerful demon. An example of this is Forge Camp: Fear in Nagrand, which has Gan'arg, Mo'arg and is overseen by Xirkos, Overseer of Fear, a powerful Pit Lord.

Forge Bases Edit

Forge Base- Oblivion

Forge Base: Oblivion, site of three terrifying Fel Reavers

Forge Bases are larger versions of Forge Camps, and are used to assemble much larger projects, such as the three Fel Reavers being constructed in Forge Base: Oblivion.

List of Forge Bases:

Denizens Edit

Gan'arg and Mo'arg demons are always found in Forge Sites. However, they are not the only foes there. Many different kinds of demon are found in these sites, including Felguards, Shivarra and Wrathguards.

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