For The Horde!

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Inv bannerpvp 01 Horde 15 For The Horde! 20 Money achievement
Slay the leaders of the Alliance.

Money achievement Storming Stormwind
Money achievement Immortal No More

Money achievement Death to the King!
Money achievement Putting Out the Light

Reward: [Reins of the Black War Bear]

For The Horde! is a Player vs. Player meta-achievement that involves completing four other PvP achievements:

After completing this achievement, the player will receive a Black War Bear in their mailbox.

The Letter From Thrall

The bear is attached to a letter from Warchief Thrall, entitled "For The Horde!":

In this time of great turmoil, true heroes rise from the misery. You are one such great hero.

War is upon us. Your efforts will further our cause on Azeroth. Your great feats shall go rewarded. Take this prize of Orgrimmar and ride to glory.

For the Horde!

Warchief Thrall

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