Footlockers are a type of object that had the primary purpose of helping a rogue skill up their lockpicking. After Patch 4.0.1, however, rogues no longer need to level their lockpicking skill, as it now scales with their level. The items remain in the game and are still able to be opened. Most have the name "footlocker" in them, but not all. The contents are usually rogue-related.

Typically, unguarded footlockers have a lower skill range than guarded ones. When lockpicking, nearby mobs may also become hostile when they are otherwise outside your aggro range.

Location Item Lockpicking Skill Character Level Detail
Ghostlands [Burial Chest] 1 20 Amani Catacombs
Ghostlands [Primitive Chest] 20 20 Zeb'Nowa and Zeb'Tela
Redridge Mountains [Practice Lockboxes] 1 20 Alther's Mill
The Barrens [Buccaneer's Strongbox] 1 20 Ship off Merchant Coast
The Barrens [The Jewel of the Southsea] 25 20 Ship off Merchant Coast
Redridge Mountains [Waterlogged Footlocker] 70 20 Lake Everstill
Ashenvale Forest [Waterlogged Footlocker] 70 20 Zoram Strand
The Barrens [Gallywix's Lockbox] 70 20 During Horde 15 Ui-charactercreate-classes rogue [24] Mission: Possible But Not Probable; northeast Barrens, tower in Sludge Fen
Westfall [Duskwood Chest] 70 20 During Alliance 15 Ui-charactercreate-classes rogue [24] Klaven's Tower; southeast Westfall in Klaven's Tower
Stonetalon Mountains [Battered Footlocker] 70 20 Windshear Crag
Hillsbrad Foothills [Battered Footlocker] 110 22 Durnholde Keep (Lower Level)
Hillsbrad Foothills [Battered Footlocker] 110 22 Durnholde Keep (Upper Level)
Stonetalon Mountains [Battered Footlocker] 110 22 Windshear Mine
Wetlands [Battered Footlocker] 70 20 Outside of Murloc camps
Wetlands [Battered Footlocker] 110 22 In Murloc camps
Desolace [Waterlogged Footlocker] 150 30 Sar'theris Strand
Badlands [Battered Footlocker] 150 30 Angor Fortress - Upstairs
Desolace [Mossy Footlocker] 175 35 Sar'theris Strand [35, 13]
Badlands [Dented Footlocker] 175 35 Angor Fortress - Downstairs
Swamp of Sorrows [Mossy Footlocker] 175 35 Pool of Tears
Searing Gorge [Dented Footlocker] 200 40 The Slag Pit - Lower Quarry Area
Searing Gorge [Dented Footlocker] 225 45 The Slag Pit - Upper Barracks Area
Tanaris Desert [Dented Footlocker] 225 45 Lost Rigger Cove
Azshara [Mossy Footlocker] 225 45 Bay of Storms
Eastern Plaguelands [Scarlet Footlocker] 250 50 Tyr's Hand
Zangarmarsh [Wicker Chest] 300 60 Feralfen Village
Nagrand [Dented Footlocker] 325 65 Kil'sorrow Fortress

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