The inventor of footcarts was once a poor tinker who used her talents at toymaking in the coastal town of Tidus. The most popular of her products she sold in the marketplace were miniature phlogiston-powered steam tanks. When a tauren scoffed at her toys and attempted to stomp them into pieces, he found himself propelled across the marketplace with the wreckage of the tanks conforming to his hooves and continuing to operate. That night, the toymaker realized that her inventions could have a more practical use, so she crafted two simple carts designed to be strapped to the bottom of the feet. The next morning, she zoomed into the marketplace on her footcarts and into tinker history. Today, they are one of the first useful devices apprentices learn to make during their instruction.

Though footcarts have become a simple and popular mode of transportation even among adults, they are rarely seen outside city walls. The reasons are primarily pragmatic; off the smooth stone and packed earth city streets, footcarts turn every stray pebble into a hazard. It moves at 20 miles per hour.[1]

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