Foggy MacKreel is a level 30 quest giver located outside in the broken part of Thandol Span in the contested territory of Arathi Highlands. He seems amazingly uncaring about his stranded and precarious position, his entire attention focused on a moonshine delivery to Southshore.

See List of Arathi Highlands NPCs.


He starts the quest Alliance 15 [30] MacKreel's Moonshine.

Getting to MacKreelEdit

One of the easiest ways to reach him is to perform a mounted jump from the Arathi Basin side of the bridge. Use the fallen chain as your guide, lining up to the right of it, and jump towards the middle platform. If timed correctly, you will land on a jutting piece of stone a short ways down the pillar. Other ways include speed potions, rogue sprint, aspect of the cheetah, ghost wolf form, and slow fall/levitate.

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