Focused Power

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Focused Power
Spell shadow focusedpower
  • Increases damage and healing done by your spells by X%. In addition, your Mass Dispel cast time is reduced by Y sec.
Usable by
LocationDiscipline, Tier 6
AffectsMass Dispel, damage and healing done
Points required25
Spec specificYes

Focused Power is a Tier 6 Discipline Priest talent. It reduces the cast time of Mass Dispel and increases the damage and healing done by your spells.

Rank Table Edit

Rank Mass Dispel Cast Reduction Damage/Healing Increase
1 .5 Seconds 2%
2 1 Second 4%

Tips & Tactics Edit

A very good PvP talent, as it is key to countering Paladin's Divine Shield and Mage's Ice Block. Very handy for PvE with the changes in Patch 3.0.2 giving it an increase to healing/damage done.

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