Flumblub's Seat Cushion

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Inv chest leather 01

Source Edit

This item drops from the rare mob Fumblub Gearwind in Borean Tundra.

Random enchantmentsEdit

Item Suffix Stats Bonus
of the Bandit +45 Agility, +68 Stamina, +91 Attack Power
of the Foreseer +45 Intellect, +45 Haste Rating, +53 Spell Power
of the Hierophant +68 Stamina, +45 Spirit, +53 Spell Power
of the Invoker +45 Intellect, +53 Spell Power, +45 Critical Strike Rating
of the Marksman +68 Stamina, +45 Agility, +45 Hit Rating
of the Necromancer +68 Stamina, +45 Hit Rating, +53 Spell Power
of the Sorcerer +68 Stamina, +45 Intellect, +53 Spell Power
of the Thief +68 Stamina, +91 Attack Power, +45 Haste Rating

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