A Florist is an NPC vendor that sell decorative flowers and bouquets to carry in the off-hand. They often sell other botanically related items. There are currently six in WoW, but effectively five vending sites, because the two florists in Stormwind are right near each other in the same room.

Locations Edit

The Gumps are together at the end of The Canals in the The Trade District across from Old Town in Stormwind

Flowers sold Edit

All of the florists sell these six floral items:
Inv misc flower 02
[Simple Wildflowers]
Inv jewelry talisman 03
[Red Rose]
Inv misc flower 02
[Beautiful Wildflowers]
Inv jewelry talisman 03
[Black Rose]
Inv misc flower 02
[Bouquet of White Roses]
Inv jewelry talisman 03
[Bouquet of Black Roses]
Sophie Aaren sells
this item as well:
Inv misc herb 13
[Stratholme Lily]

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