Spell shaman improvedfirenova Neutral 15 Flawless Victory 10 Money achievement
Solo kill a Molten Behemoth in the Molten Front without taking any damage from Molten Stomp or Fiery Boulder.

Flawless Victory is an achievement players can complete while within the Molten Front. The Molten Behemoths can be found either within the Ashen Fields during the daily quest The Harder They Fall or in the Magma Springs further to the north. Note that completing this during the daily will be much more difficult, as this needs to be a solo kill.


  • Extremely easy for pet classes, as your pet does not count against you when struck by either of the abilities.
  • Easy for other classes if you run back and forth through the Behemoth.
  • Note that these are not the Behemoths found at Sethria's Roost in Mount Hyjal. Those are Fiery Behemoths and do not count towards the achivement.

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