Flameweaver Koegler is the final boss of the Scarlet Halls.

Quotes Edit

  • Flameweaver Koegler yells: Everything must burn. None shall know of the Scarlet Crusade's shame!


  • Flameweaver Koegler yells: You too, shall be charred in ash!

Breath of Fire AbilityEdit

  • Flameweaver Koegler yells: Breath of the Dragon!
  • Flameweaver Koegler yells: Purge by fire!

Killing a playerEdit

  • Flameweaver Koegler yells: Burn, Burn!
  • Flameweaver Koegler yells: Die in fire!


  • Flameweaver Koegler yells: My fire... has gone out...

Reputation Edit

After killing him you gain...

Normal Edit

Heroic Edit


After the boss dies, mages should look for a book in the room that teaches Ancient Teleport: Dalaran. It sends you to the crater in Hillsbrad Foothills. Beware, because if ANY of Flameweavers Book Burners hit, the Tome will not spawn.

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