Flame Wreath is an ability used by Shade of Aran during his encounter in the abandoned tower of Karazhan, and is one of the most common reasons for a raid's wipe during this attack. The spell creates a circle of fire around three characters in the raid. Should anyone outside these circles cross, the entire raid group will be wiped. A common protection against this is for every raid member to remain still until the spell has expired.



  • Alert your fellow raid members. Commonly, shouting "Wreath" is used to alert everyone to stop moving.
  • Ranged players (Rangers, casters, etc.) who are encircled can safely cause DPS on Aran.
  • It is safe for Melee to continue to attack Aran, so long as they are close enough.
  • Members who are not encircled and must avoid Aran's attacks may move, but are advised to do so carefully.
  • Remain still until the spell has expired.
  • A group prayer of this chant is also advised. See Shade of Aran Chant