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Trade fishing 0100WoW Icon 16x16 Fishing (Profession)
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A fishing trainer is an NPC that offers fishers the opportunity to train and learn recipes.

Trainable rank Trainer Location Coordinates
Alliance 15IconSmall Night Elf Male Androl Oakhand Rut'theran Village Teldrassil [55.9, 93.5]
Alliance 15IconSmall Night Elf Female Astaia The Temple Gardens Darnassus [47.6, 56.7]
Alliance 15IconSmall Human Male Lee Brown Crystal Lake Elwynn Forest [47.5, 62.3]
Alliance 15IconSmall Human Male Arnold Leland The Canals Stormwind [55.1, 69.5]
Alliance 15IconSmall Dwarf Male Paxton Ganter Iceflow Lake Dun Morogh [35.5, 40.3]
Alliance 15IconSmall Dwarf Male Grimnur Stonebrand The Forlorn Cavern Ironforge [48.5, 6.5]
Alliance 15IconSmall Draenei Female Diktynna 0200Bc icon Ammen Ford Azuremyst Isle [61.1, 54.2]
Alliance 15IconSmall Draenei Female Erett 0200Bc icon The Crystal Hall The Exodar [31.6, 14.8]
Alliance 15IconSmall Dwarf Male Warg Deepwater The Loch Loch Modan [40.6, 39.5]
Alliance 15IconSmall Human Male Matthew Hooper Lakeshire Redridge Mountains [27.0, 50.1]
Alliance 15IconSmall Human Male Harold Riggs Menethil Harbor Wetlands [8.1, 58.5]
Alliance 15IconSmall Human Male Donald Rabonne Southshore Hillsbrad Foothills [50.7, 61.0]
Alliance 15IconSmall Night Elf Male Brannock Feathermoon Stronghold Feralas [32.2, 41.6]
Horde 15IconSmall Undead Male Clyde Kellen Brightwater Lake Tirisfal Glades [66.8, 50.2]
Horde 15IconSmall Undead Male Armand Cromwell The Magic Quarter Undercity [80.9, 31.2]
Horde 15IconSmall Tauren Male Uthan Stillwater Stonebull Lake Mulgore [44.5, 60.7]
Horde 15IconSmall Tauren Male Kah Mistrunner High Rise Thunder Bluff [56.1, 47.0]
Horde 15IconSmall Troll Male Lau'Tiki Darkspear Strand Durotar [53.2, 81.5]
Horde 15IconSmall Orc Male Lumak Valley of Honor Orgrimmar [69.7, 29.5]
Horde 15IconSmall Blood Elf Male Drathen 0200Bc icon Walk of Elders Silvermoon [76.5, 67.8]
Horde 15IconSmall Troll Female Kil'Hiwana Zoram'gar Outpost Ashenvale [10.9, 33.7]
Horde 15IconSmall Troll Female Lui'Mala Shadowprey Village Desolace [22.8, 72.4]
Horde 15IconSmall ForestTroll Male Katoom the Angler Revantusk Village The Hinterlands [80.4, 81.5]
Horde 15IconSmall Troll Female Zurjaya 0200Bc icon Zabra'jin Zangarmarsh [32.3, 49.6]
Neutral 15IconSmall Goblin Male Myizz Luckycatch Booty Bay Stranglethorn Vale [41.6, 74.3]
Master Neutral 15IconSmall Human Male Juno Dufrain 0200Bc icon Cenarion Refuge Zangarmarsh [78.0, 65.3]
Grand Master Alliance 15IconSmall Human Male Old Man Robert 0300Wrath-Logo-Small Valiance Keep Borean Tundra [57.8, 71.6]
Alliance 15IconSmall Human Male Byron Welwick 0300Wrath-Logo-Small Valgarde Howling Fjord [60.3, 64.0]
Horde 15IconSmall Troll Male Fishy Ser'ji 0300Wrath-Logo-Small Warsong Hold Borean Tundra [41.8, 54.5]
Horde 15IconSmall Undead Female Angelina Soren 0300Wrath-Logo-Small Vengeance Landing Howling Fjord [79.5, 27.2]
Neutral 15 IconSmall Human Female Marcia Chase 0300Wrath-Logo-Small The Eventide Dalaran [52.8, 64.9]
Illustrious Alliance 15IconSmall Human Male Arnold Leland The Canals Stormwind [55.1, 69.5]


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