Fire Resistance Totem' is a totem that increases Fire Resistance of all raid members within 30 yards.

Rank tableEdit

Rank Level Fire Resistance Granted Cost
1 28 +30 54Silver
2 42 +45 1Gold 44Silver
3 58 +60 2Gold 88Silver
4 68 +70 6Gold 39Silver
5 75 +85 18Gold
6 80 +130 18Gold

Notes Edit

Fire Resistance Totem is a Water totem, and thus cannot be used at the same time as another water totem. Like all shaman totems it only has 5 hit points and is easily targeted and destroyed. When used in a raid group it will affect everyone in the raid who is in range.

The fire resistance granted by the totem stacks with any fire resistance gained from gear. It does however not stack with the resistance from a Paladin's Fire Resistance Aura or a Druid's Mark of the Wild.

The totem can greatly reduce the damage taken while fighting against casters that rely heavily on Fire magic, or on fights with a lot of fire damage, such as Ragnaros.

Talent improvement Edit

Totemic Focus reduces the casting cost of the totem by 25%. Mental Quickness reduces the casting cost by 6%.

Tips and tactics Edit

This totem is situationally useful when fighting against Fire Mages.

Patch changes Edit

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