There is no player-obtainable raw gem named Fire Opal, so there are no craftable designs for them. However, there are a number of cut fire opals that drop from instance bosses in Heroic mode. There are also a few non-gem fire opal items.

Orange, match UI-EmptySocket-Yellow yellow or UI-EmptySocket-Red red sockets.
Name Effects Heroic Bosses
[Assassin's Fire Opal] +6 Critical +5 Dodge The Mechanar
[Beaming Fire Opal] +4 Resilience +5 Dodge Blood Furnace
[Champion's Fire Opal] +5 Strength +4 Defense Auchenai Crypts
[Deadly Fire Opal] +8 Attack Power +5 Critical Arcatraz
[Durable Fire Opal] +11 Healing +4 Resilience Arcatraz
[Empowered Fire Opal] +8 Attack Power +5 Resilience Old Hillsbrad
[Enscribed Fire Opal] +5 Strength +4 Critical Mana-Tombs
[Etched Fire Opal] +5 Strength +4 Hit Rating Shadow Labyrinth
[Glimmering Fire Opal] +5 Parry +4 Dodge The Black Morass
[Glinting Fire Opal] +5 Agility +4 Hit Rating The Black Morass
[Glistening Fire Opal] +4 Agility +5 Defense Mana-Tombs
[Infused Fire Opal] +6 Spell Damage +4 Intellect The Steamvault
[Iridescent Fire Opal] +11 Healing +4 Spell Critical Hellfire Ramparts
[Luminous Fire Opal] +11 Healing +4 Intellect Shattered Halls
[Mysterious Fire Opal] +6 Spell Damage +5 Spell Penetration The Botanica
[Nimble Fire Opal] +5 Dodge +4 Hit Rating Arcatraz
[Potent Fire Opal] +6 Spell Damage +4 Spell Critical Auchenai Crypts
[Pristine Fire Opal] +10 Attack Power +4 Hit Rating Sethekk Halls
[Resplendent Fire Opal] +5 Strength +4 Resilience The Slave Pens
[Shining Fire Opal] +6 Spell Damage +5 Spell Hit Rating The Mechanar
[Splendid Fire Opal] +5 Parry +4 Resilience The Underbog
[Stalwart Fire Opal] +5 Defense +4 Dodge Sethekk Halls

A sample of other items Edit

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