Feralfen tribe

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Neutral 32 Feralfen tribe
Feralfen tribe
Feralfen and their sporebats
Main leaderElder Kuruti
Race(s)IconSmall LostOne Lost One
IconSmall Sporebat Spore bat
Character classesHunter, Druid, Mystic
Base of operationsBoha'mu Ruins, Feralfen Village
Theater of operationsZangarmarsh

The Feralfen are one of three Lost Ones tribes in Zangarmarsh and the most powerful of the three of them.[1]


They are lead by Elder Kuruti. There are Alliance quests where the players disguise themselves as a spirit to convince the tribe to join them. However the Feralfen refuse, wanting to create their own destiny.[2]


Their hunters had tamed some sporebats, and they also have many skilled druids in their tribe.

They worship the animal spirits, some of their totems worship the Feralfen Serpent Spirit and others the spirit of a bird,[1] the snake spirit have a great affinity to the Feralfen tribe.[3]

Known membersEdit

Neutral 15IconSmall LostOne Kuruti Elder Alive Boha'mu Ruins, Zangarmarsh



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