This is an article about the 2v2 arena duo of a Feral Druid and a Frost Mage.

Basics Edit

This duo relies on several different techniques in order to win its fights. Essentially: - The Sheep + Cyclone combo can disable healers or damage dealing classes effectively. - The Mage's anti-melee abilities like Frost Nova or Frost Armor coupled with the Druid's physical resistance (armor and dodge). - The Mage's Ice Block coupled with the Druid's healing spells. - The Mage's Counterspell coupled with the Druid's Feral Charge, Bash and Maim.

Equipment Edit

Both members of the team will need to acquire a lot of resilience, due to the fact that the Druid is not a true healer. This means you will need to keep yourselves alive as long as you possibly can.

The Druid will need to get season 3 feral gloves in priority, because their effect is invaluable. In enables the Maim ability to counterspell a school of magic for three seconds, thereby preventing use of the Paladin's bubbles, the mage's Ice Block, or the priest's Pain Suppression, if used wisely.

Both members need to have Medallion of the Horde.

Your Opponent Edit

Warlock: Warlocks are probably going to be your worst ennemy. Their healing capabilities and their ability to fear their opponents will be hard for you to handle. Both of you should try to dispell curses of agony every so often. The general idea is to kill the Warlock's ally first, while trying to sheep/cyclone the Warlock. Burst DPS his ally, then the Druid should heal while the mage kills the lock.

Paladin (Holy): The Paladin is a hard cookie to crack. This is due to the fact that your attempts to burst him down will generally be aborted by his Divine Shield. However your main advantage against them is the profusion of your Counterspelling effects. Force him to use his Shield early while Cyclone/Sheeping/Rooting his ally. Then, when the shield comes back down again, focus the Paladin again, and kill him. With a little luck you can even sometimes kil him before he can use his bubble.

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