Felstalker Armor

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The Felstalker Armor set patterns can be purchased at Friendly/Honored reputation with Thrallmar & Honor Hold in Hellfire Peninsula in Outland.

This Mail armor set is intended for Hunters of level 69-70.

It consists of the following parts:

Felstalker Armor Set Items
Item Level Pattern Pattern Requirements
[Felstalker Belt] 69 [Pattern: Felstalker Belt] Honor Hold/Thrallmar - Friendly, Leatherworking (350)
[Felstalker Bracers] 70 [Pattern: Felstalker Bracers] Honor Hold/Thrallmar - Honored, Leatherworking (360)
[Felstalker Breastplate] 70 [Pattern: Felstalker Breastplate] Honor Hold/Thrallmar - Honored, Leatherworking (360)
Number of set items equipped for bonus:
  • 3: Increases your hit rating by 20 (+1.34%)

Felstalker Armor Set Totals
Armor Agility Intellect Red Socket Blue Socket Socket Bonus: Stamina Attack Power Hit Rating
1286 62 54 3 3 13 140 20


The materials needed to complete the entire set are listed below.

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