Felpaw Village

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Neutral 32 Felpaw Village
Felpaw Village
RacesIconSmall Furbolg Furbolg, Deadwood
RulersChieftain Bloodmaw
AffiliationDeadwood tribe
LocationNorthern Felwood
Sources: Lands of Mystery, pg. 15

Felpaw Village is an encampment[1] that lies in the very north of Felwood near the entrance of Timbermaw Hold. The encampment belongs to the Deadwood tribe of corrupted furbolgs. Killing the Deadwoods is a good way to gain reputation with Timbermaw Hold.

After patch 2.3.0, Felpaw Village was made to better accomodate single players for Neutral 15 [56] Falling to Corruption by spacing out the furbolgs surrounding the cauldron, making it easier to access.


  1. ^ Lands of Mystery, pg. 15.

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