Felicia Gump is a level 30 florist located in Fragrant Flowers, a flower shop at the end of The Canals in the The Trade District across from Old Town in the human city of Stormwind [69, 70]
. She stands in the same room with Bernard Gump, who sells the same selection of bouquets. In spite of her title, she is primarily a florist. She sells no herbalism supplies.

Vendor informationEdit

Inv misc flower 02
[Simple Wildflowers]
Inv jewelry talisman 03
[Red Rose]
Inv misc flower 02
[Beautiful Wildflowers]
Inv jewelry talisman 03
[Black Rose]
Inv misc flower 02
[Bouquet of White Roses]
Inv jewelry talisman 03
[Bouquet of Black Roses]
Inv misc dust 02
[Stormwind Seasoning Herbs]

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