Felendren the Banished

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Neutral 32Felendren the Banished
Felendren the Banished
Gender Male
Race Wretched (Humanoid)
Level 5
Health 98
Mana 115
Wealth 7Copper
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Falthrien Academy; Eversong Woods
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Felendren is a Wretched banished from blood elf lands for failing to heed the warnings of their teachers and elders. He is the worst of their society, as he lives only to feed his insatiable magical addictions. Because Felendren refused to learn control, he is but a shell of his former self - one of the Wretched. He now resides atop Falthrien Academy to the southwest of Sunstrider Island having arcane elementals as minions and sinking deeper and deeper into madness.

Magister Duskwither's Journal recounts that Felendren was the one of the first of many to fall to base addiction at the Falthrien Academy, where he was a student.


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Felendren the Banished WoW

As seen in-game.

Horde 15 [3] Felendren the Banished


  • Take heart! Your friends will not long mourn your passing!

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