Fel orcs, also known as chaos orcs[2] (MG 20), are orcs who represent disorder, which is manifested as fel magic, and the Burning Legion. Despite having the demonic felblood coursing through their bodies, they are not considered to be demons by some.


The creator — or progenitor — of all fel orcs is Gul'dan, the first orc warlock, who had the orcs enslaved to the fel army known as the Burning Legion.

Third War Edit

The only instance in which fel orcs were active on Azeroth was during the Third War. Mannoroth tricked Grom Hellscream and his Warsong warriors into drinking his blood from a tainted fountain of health. Grom later overcame the blood haze with the help of Thrall and Jaina Proudmoore and slew Mannoroth, thus freeing both the fel orcs and the orcs that had been corrupted by Mannoroth on Draenor.

In Burning Crusade Edit

Bc icon This section concerns content exclusive to The Burning Crusade.

When the pit lord Magtheridon took control of Outland, he created fel orcs by corrupting them with his blood. Fel orcs made up the backbone of Magtheridon's armies. After Magtheridon was defeated by Illidan and imprisoned, the fel orcs stayed in Hellfire Citadel, keeping guard over the captured pit lord. This is the first known appearance of the fel orcs in World of Warcraft. They no longer serve the Burning Legion but follow Illidan instead. Illidan has continued using the blood of Magtheridon to create more fel orcs to follow him. A letter recovered from one of the orcs has revealed that Illidan is not pleased with the orcs' progress with the defense of the Blood Furnace.[3] It also seems they are experimenting on captured Mag'har to create fel orcs. Caza'rez, an orc of the Horde had been working on a cure for the fel orcs that were part of the Illidari. Many had been captured and cured, and serving in the ranks of the Horde.

Legion Edit

Legion-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Legion.

During the War in the Broken Isles, a large number of Fel orcs from Outland had been imprisoned in the Vault of the Wardens. Although, a large multitude of these beings had been cured, thanks to Caza'rez, and been recruited into the ranks of the Horde and preparing for war against the Burning Legion that has prepared its third invasion on the world of Azeroth. However, some fel orc members of the Shadow Council had been summoned and aided the Legion in assaulting the Violet Hold.

Physiology Edit

The standard fel orc has red skin, and a ridge of long sharp spines coming out of its back. Bony horns grow from its arms and hands. Its eyes are bloodshot and glow red, and six long and thin fangs grow out of its mouth. Its ears are stubbier than orc ears, coming to a blunt point.

Official site info Edit


Fel orc chieftain

From archive page World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, Bestiary:

Mystery and speculation surround the corrupted fel orcs who recently appeared in Outland. Though little is known about these savage warriors, the most disturbing revelation to come to light is that their numbers appear to be steadily increasing. Even more perplexing is the fact that the orcs have discovered some alternate source of fel energies to feed upon, despite the slaying of Mannoroth and the Horde's subsequent release from demonic corruption. Regardless of their connection to fel energies, however, it is believed that this new breed is not working with the Burning Legion. What authority they do answer to remains a mystery.

Fel Clans Of Fel Orcs Edit


Fel orc caster

Several corrupted clans (or long-lost elements of clans in Azeroth) have been discovered in the general vicinity of Hellfire Citadel:

Named Fel Orcs Edit

Physiology Edit

The standard fel orc has red skin, and a ridge of long sharp spines coming out of its back. Bony horns grow from its arms and hands. Its eyes are bloodshot and glow red, and six long and thin fangs grow out of its mouth. Its ears are stubbier than orc ears, coming to a blunt point.

RPG Edit

The RPG Icon 16x36 This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft RPG, and thus unlikely to be canon.
An orc becomes a fel orc after consuming the blood of a pit lord. Then, a heavy blood haze falls over the orc, forcing him into a crazed bloodlust. The most prominent side effect of this blood haze is a deep red discoloration of the flesh and insane desire for battle and violence. Fel orcs are also more powerful than regular orcs, having chaos damage on all their attacks.

Tainted Orcs Edit

Tainted orcs is the RPG's term for green orcs, that is, the orcs that were corrupted by the Burning Legion's influence on Draenor. These orcs appear to be different from fel orcs, as they don't posses the physical attributes of a fel orc. The exact relation between tainted orcs and fel orcs has not been stated. It can be noted, though, that the transformations suffered by tainted orcs are less severe than those suffered by fel orcs.

Trivia Edit

  • Only male Fel Orcs are known in-game. An unfinished female Fel Orc model exists in the game files.
  • Some Fel Orcs seen in-game are simply regular male orcs with retextured skin, but most have a distinct Fel Orc model and different combat sounds than regular orcs.

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