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Fearbreaker is a mace given to Prince Anduin Wrynn by King Magni during the events in novel, The Shattering.


"Gleaming as bright as the day it was made although it was quite old. The head was silver, wrapped in intersecting bands of gold that had runes etched into it. Small gems dotted it here and there. It was altogether a thing of beauty and power."[citation needed]


Magni told Anduin that the mace had been in his family for "Several Hundred Years"

"This was handed down through the Bronzebeard line. It's seen battles in Outland and here in Azeroth. It's known the taste o' blood and in certain hands has been known to also stanch blood."

Fearbreaker was only in Anduins possession for a very short time. During a meeting with Lady Jaina Proudmoore of Theramore, and Baine Bloodhoof of Thunderbluff, Anduin, admired by Baines heart and selfless devotion to do what is best for his people, presents Fearbreaker to Baine. Baine accepts the mace, and later uses it in battle against the Grimtotem in the successful attempt of regaining Thunderbluff from their grasp. Fearbreaker is still in Baines possession.[1]


Some speculate that Prince Anduin may have been holding Fearbreaker though the weapon was given to Baine Bloodhoof in The Shattering, which occurs prior to Cataclysm.


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