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Alliance 32 Fear No Evil
StartBrother Paxton
EndBrother Paxton
Requires Level 3
CategoryElwynn Forest
Experience250 XP
or 1Silver50Copper at Level 110
Reputation+275 Stormwind

Objectives Edit

Revive 4 injured Stormwind Soldiers.


Have you embraced the Holy Light yet, <brother/sister>? It is through the Holy Light that we are saved! It is through the Holy Light that I am able to heal these overly demanding soldiers! And it is through the Holy Light that you will be able to venture out into the field to the north and rescue our fallen brothers!

Take this prayer book with you into the field and cast the Light's healing touch on the injured.


I think you now understand the power of the Light. The Light giveth hope, <Brother/Sister> and the Light taketh from the darkness!



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