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Have a nice day. :) -->
Have a nice day. :) -->
* [ Guild Leveling FAQ]
[[Category:Guild perks]]
[[Category:Guild perks]]

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Fast Track
Achievement guildperk fasttrack
  • Instant cast
  • Experience gained from killing monsters and completing quests increased by 5/10%.
Usable by
TypeGuild Perk
CooldownNone/Global Cooldown
Guild level2 and 5
Other information

Fast Track is a Guild Perk that increases the amount of experience gained during leveling. Rank 1 is given automatically to all guilds upon creation. Rank 2 is available at guild level 5. You get the first Fast track at guild level 2.

Players will not gain a boost of exp when discovering areas. Also, Fast Track will stack with heirloom items that attribute an exp bonus.

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