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News and general sites

Icon-blizzplanet-22x22 Blizzplanet - [1]

Icon-curse-22x22 Curse - [2]

Icon-mmochampion-22x22 WoWDB - [3]

Icon-external-22x22 Blizzard Watch - [4]

Item databases

Icon-mmochampion-22x22 MMO Champion - [5]

Icon-thottbot-22x22 Thottbot - [6]

Icon-wowhead-22x22 Wowhead - [7]

Media sites

Icon-warcraftmovies-22x22 Warcraft Movies - [8]

Icon-wcradio-22x22 WoW Radio - [9]

Strategy sites

Icon-icyveinscom-22x22 Icy Veins - [10]

Addon sites

Icon-curse-22x22 Curse WoW Addons - Curse

Icon-wowi-22x22 WoWInterface - WoW Interface

Icon-wowace-22x22 WoWAce - WowAce

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