Fanala Bridkind

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Neutral 32Fanala Bridkind
Humanfemale nopic
Gender Female
Race Human
Character class Techno mage
Location Unknown

Fanala Bridkind is a human techno mage. A human who fled Dalaran when the Scourge came, she stowed away on a goblin merchant ship and found herself in Ratchet. Feelings about arcanists being at a low, she apprenticed herself with a tinker and used subtle magic to aid her when her tinkering abilities proved insufficient. Soon she was melding the two skillfully and caught the attention of Grimm Onearm. Her fireball-firing pistol, while being nearly as dangerous to the attacker as her target, impressed him sufficiently to appoint her in charge of the weaponsmithing of the House. She has lost only three fingers to her art, but wears the scars like badges, and enjoys showing off the weapons that claimed her digits. She also keeps body parts of any undead she takes down with her weapons, displaying them proudly in her room.[1]

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