Fan of Knives

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"So I heard you were a fan of knives?"

Fan of Knives
Ability rogue fanofknives
  • Fan of Knives
  • 50 energy
  • Instant
  • Melee Weapon
  • Instantly throw both weapons at all targets within 8 yards, causing 105% weapon damage with daggers, and 70% weapon damage with all other weapons.
Usable by
CooldownNone/Global Cooldown
Radius8 yards
Other information
RequirementsMelee Weapon

Fan of Knives is a rogue ability that is trainable at level 80. The name is a reference to the warden ability of the same name.


Fan of Knives applies poisons that are currently on the weapons.

It and Killing Spree are currently the only AoE abilities a rogue has at their disposal.

Talent Improvement

Patch changes

  • 0300Wrath-Logo-Small Patch 3.0.8 (2009-01-20): The cooldown has been removed. In addition, now deals 150% of weapon damage when used while daggers are equipped.
  • 0300Wrath-Logo-Small Patch 3.2.2 (2009-09-22): The damage done by this ability has been reduced by 30%, and Throwing Specialization no longer causes Fan of Knives to interrupt spellcasting.

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