Falling through the World is a descriptive term for the act of falling through the ground of World of Warcraft. Intentionally doing so is an exploit, but it can happen because of glitches.

What is it?Edit

Falling through the world is what happens when you get stuck in an ill rendered part of the map and slip through going through a blank map, in which case falling through the world. When you reach the bottom you die as you would in Outland, but your body is placed on the world map usually accessible, if non-accessible you'd require a revival from the spirit healer.

When does it occur?Edit

When you touch an un-rendered part of the wall or floor usually places that your not supposed to enter, and is usually an unpleasant experience.

How do I prevent it?Edit

Avoid areas that are ill rendered, meaning avoid places like behind the Greymane Wall, falling into Zul'Gurub or climbing ill rendered mountains attempting to enter an ill rendered zone. Blizzard staff usually warn you if you're going into such a place and might teleport you to another location.

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