Most humans, dwarves, and some high elves follow the path of the Holy Light. It is a faith that advocates purity, goodness, kindness, and compassion in the face of adversity. Those who belong to this faith are among the Burning Legion's greatest foes.[1] Some organizations are heretics of the Holy Light — while they still follow the holy light, they have altered aspects of the philosophy.

Domains: Healing, Protection, War. Priests of the Holy Light who serve the Scarlet Crusade can gain access to the Crusader, Healing, and War domains (but not Protection).[2]


The main organization of the Holy Light has been the Church of the Holy Light. Several other organizations have been offshoots of the the church in some way. Draenei had developed their own interpretation of the faith before they had even set foot on Azeroth.

Heretical offshootsEdit

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