Almost every time Blizzard introduces a new faction, they introduce new faction tokens that are used as money to purchase items, or quest objects that are turned in to increase reputation. Those without the patience to grind a single faction exclusively often end up allocating many bag slots to store left-over tokens for when they resume the grind. In cataloging the astounding diversity of these tokens, we can come to grip with the bagpocalypse confronting the packrats in the community.

This page is for items which have no use other than as faction currency or repeatable reputation quests.

Cenarion Expedition Edit

Halaa Edit

Netherwing Edit

Ogri'la Edit

Sporeggar Edit

The Consortium Edit

The Mag'har Edit

Thrallmar Edit

Lower City Edit

Sha'tari Skyguard Edit

Shattered Sun Offensive Edit

The Aldor Edit

The Scryers Edit

Gadgetzan Edit

Argent Dawn Edit

Brood of Nozdormu Edit

Cenarion Circle Edit

Darkmoon Faire Edit

Ravenholdt Edit

Thorium Brotherhood Edit

Timbermaw Hold Edit

Sons of Hodir Edit

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