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Source Edit

This item drops from Combat 15 Gazz'uz in Durotar and possibly Combat 15 Dreadmaw Toothgnasher.

  • This item was provided for the now removed quest Horde 15 [12] Burning Shadows.

Eye of Burning Shadow as a quest objective Edit

This item spawned and was the object of the now removed quest Horde 15 [12] Burning Shadows.

Notes Edit

  • Alliance characters can kill Gazz'uz and obtain this item. If they then right click it to spawn the quest, they get, "This quest is not available to your race."
  • May not be allowed to sell to vendor, despite tooltip.
  • This item will be converted to [Solid Gold Coin] if you transfer to Alliance.
    • Some player have reported this is not true.

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