Eye of Acherus

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Neutral 32Eye of Acherus
Eye of Acherus on Ebon Hold
Race Eye (Uncategorized)
Level 55
Location New Avalon, Scarlet Enclave
Status Active
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The Eye of Acherus is situated atop Acherus: The Ebon Hold in the Scarlet Enclave next to The Lich King.

It is involved in the following quest:


— Shrouds the Eye of Acherus from sight. Combat and actions break shroud.
Siphon of Acherus
— Targets a Scarlet Crusade structure and gathers tactical information associated with the building and its location.
Summon Ghouls On Scarlet Crusade
— Calls forth ghouls to attack aggressors, giving you time to get the Eye of Acherus to safety.

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Eye of Acherus

Eye of Acherus

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