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  • Extended Annals of Darrowshire
  • Item Level 1
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    Not disenchantable
  • Quest Item
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This item is provided for Neutral 15 [56] Brother Carlinω τ ϖ.

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This item is an objective of Neutral 15 [56] Brother Carlinω τ ϖ.


Pages that were added to Annals of Darrowshire are as follows:

Extended Annals of Darrowshire

The Fate of Horgus the Ravager

Horgus the Ravager fell at the Battle of Darrowshire. But the evil within him was not fully spent. The victorious Scourge forces removed his skull from the battlefield of Darrowshire, carrying it with them to sow dread among the living they faced.

Days later, the company of Scourge who possessed the head were defeated by Silver Hand Paladins. Horgus' head was cast into Blackwood Lake.

The Fate of Marduk the Black

Marduk survived the Second War, causing great death and suffering with his foul, rune-laden sword. Although Marduk still lives, his sword was lost in a battle near Corin's Crossing. A dwarf captain shattered the sword on his enchanted shield, forcing Marduk to flee the field and winning the day for the Alliance.

Marduk's sword sank into the earth and corrupted it, eating a gorge into the land, now known as the Infectis Scar.

The Fate of Davil Lightforge

Davil Lightforge died at the Battle of Darrowshire, but his bravery inspired the Alliance throughout the war.

His book, his paladin's libram, was recovered by Scarlet Crusade troops. It now resides in the town hall of the Scarlet Crusade controlled Hearthglen, often read by crusaders eager to draw from Davil's strength.

The Fate of Joseph Redpath

Joseph Redpath was killed during the Battle of Darrowshire. His spirit was corrupted and took new shape, and this creature spread great evil in Lordaeron.

At Gahrron's Withering, east of Andorhal, the corrupted Redpath was finally defeated by Alliance forces. His shield still rests near the barn of the plagued farmstead, and Scourge minions are still drawn to the memory of his evil.

The Fate of Carlin Redpath

Brother to Captain Joseph Redpath, Carlin fell during the battle of Darrowshire. But although terribly wounded, he was not slain.

Days after the battle, agents of the Argent Dawn found Carlin wandering, weak from thirst and fever, near Corin's Crossing. They tended to his wounds and brought him to the Light's Hope Chapel.

Grateful for their charity, Carlin joined the ranks of the Argent Dawn and now fights a battle of revenge against the Scourge.

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