For the two achievements this was split into, see Explore the Cape of Stranglethorn and Explore Northern Stranglethorn.

Explore Stranglethorn Vale is one of the 25 achievements required for the meta achievement Explore Eastern Kingdoms. It is therefore also required in order for players to complete the World Explorer achievement and acquire the subsequent The Explorer title and [Tabard of the Explorer]. All 27 areas featured below must be revealed on the players map and travelled through in order to gain credit.

  • Common enemies in the zone average from levels 30-45 however alliance and horde towns in the area are protected by guards and npc's that range in level up to 65.
  • If players are at war with the Steamwheedle Cartel they may also have to avoid these npc's which can be as high as level 77.
  • Note that the coordinates below next to the locations are to be used with addons ingame such as Titan Panel or Cosmos which may aid in exploring.

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