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Exalted is the highest reputation level. Although the limit for Exalted is 1,000 reputation points, it is capped at 999, after which you will earn no more reputation points for that faction.

Additional info:

  • With this reputation level and additional restrictions (see Purchasing other mounts), you can purchase and train to ride mounts of another race.
  • As of Patch 2.3, this reputation level gives a 20% discount.
  • An additional bar of 1000 reputation after exalted exists, but will finish growing after it has reached 999.
  • Certain factions sell tabards for players who become exalted.
  • Gaining reputation with a Faction City that you are already 999/1000 exalted with will cause 25% of the reputation to "bleed over" to your next-highest city reputation. This does not happen when you gain reputation with all cities at once (ie, "Horde +250")- in this case, the reputation that would go to already-exalted cities is simply lost.

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