Evermaw is a giant whale shark that circles the entirety of the Timeless Isle. It is one of the many rare mobs found in the zone, though fighting it can often result in players crossing into fatigue.

There are three places it comes closest to shore: Tushui Landing[23, 71]
(not recommended for Horde), northeast of Ordon Sanctuary[64.2, 7]
, and southeast of Firewalker Ruins[70.4, 87.6]

Though it drops a large variety of epic loot, it is also the only source of the object that can summon the Dread Ship Vazuvius, [Mist-Filled Spirit Lantern].

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  • Though it has an insta-kill frontal attack, it largely is easy to stay behind or to its sides and attack. The large health pool means players will invariably slip into the fatigue zone, while its speed is often tough to keep up with.

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